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By Body Design F.I.T, Oct 30 2014 09:26PM

It's now only 3 days until nominations day and based on last year with the facebook notifications the time I don't get any sleep for the next 3 weeks! Before all the finalists are announced and decided on Sunday, I would like to say that personally just even thinking about some of the cateogries and who to narrow it down to is giving me a headache never mind deciding so glad I have Josh, Anna and Ashleigh on hand to help me out!

There are still tickets available at £6 (includes karaoke, food) and if you haven't got them see us as soon as possible. This year its open to family and friends but no young children.

Get ready to vote for your awards too - details coming on line on Sunday! Si

By Body Design F.I.T, Jul 19 2014 05:34PM

With a new studio comes a new wesbite and of course like many of you have already discovered new classes! WHo can believe that it has almost been 2 months since we started at the new Body Design F.I.T Studio and now it has seen over 1000 attending classes! WOW!!

Keep an eye on our news feed for all the news, events and info about what is planned and coming up for the rest of the year!!!


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