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By Body Design F.I.T, Jan 11 2016 11:33AM

Myzone has arrived and Body Design F.I.T! Ranked number one recently by the Independent Myzone is already proving it is not on cutting edge but ahead of its field as it rewards effort with its on unique concept of a MEP's point.

This is already proving popular with Body Design FIT & F2F Clients alike.

If you haven't got it in your facility yet you are definitely missing out!!!

Testimonial - Melissa Lane

"Well I'm officially a myzone whore and will do almost anything for a Mep point. So glad I got one despite my reservations and protest that I wouldn't become obsessed by it. If you ain't got one get one now. Your workouts will improve beyond belief and there is no hiding at the back anymore. Bring on 2016 and that size 12 wedding dress"

By Body Design F.I.T, Apr 13 2015 10:05AM

After 24 stone in 6 weeks we ended the first F2F program on March 29th.

After the resounding success the program will be going public with lots of variations that make it affordable for everyone! All of the F2F posse did an amazing job and we are now excited about the next phase of F2F as we hopefully help even more people on the way to losing weight and getting fit and more importantly healthy.

F2F will be open to everyone from the ages of 11 up in our mainstream program and a specific junior program will be released later in the year.

Watch this space or email us at [email protected] to be one of the first to hear about the release!

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