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By Body Design F.I.T, Sep 22 2014 12:45PM

After all instructors deliberated it was a close call but our first Body Design F.I.T Trainer Of The Month goes to Chloe Conway.

Already, due to hard work and dedication she has become a senior member of the infamous TRXposse and now over the last 6 weeks she has smashed her way into becoming an important member of our new classes in Body Fit, fighting the big green Monstas (those who attend the classes know what I mean!!!).

Not only transforming her training, big progression has also been made transforming herself at the same time shedding the pounds and trimming the inches !!!! Well done Chloe a well deserving member of our family who gets to wear exclusive yellow Trainer Of The Month!

Can't be bought only earned !!! Booooooommmmm!!

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